Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No Future For Ms. Connor

What affects us in Terminator films (the first two, I mean) is the length of violence the characters will go to achieve their goals. Sarah Connor will do anything (anything!) to protect her son. In a sense, she can be seen as the human-turned-terminator. The Terminators sent back to kill her and her son some of the baddest-asses in the movie history.

This "limitlessness" grabs the audience on a subconscious level. We all feel a thrill watching someone doing whatever it takes to get what he/she wants. Maybe we too want to be like them: not robots, but as persistent and goal-oriented as they are. This is the charm of Terminator movies.

Sarah Connor Chronicles, however, seems to have missed these crucial spots in James Cameron's highly successful merchandise. As the first four episodes demonstrates, Sarah Connor is not as ruthless as she was in T2. John Connor seems to have shed all of the leadership traits he had in T2. They are not much different from ordinary runaways. Even Richard Kimble seems to have more courage and initiative.

God, even Terminators in the series are wimpy and stupid. One of them misses John who was nothing but a sitting duck in the classroom. Another flees a fight while their primary target (john and sarah) were nearby. The girl sent to protect the leader-to-be is hit by a car because she forgot (forgot!) to check both sides of the street before crossing it.

The term "Terminator" means a "non-stop killing machine". This determination was the reason why people flocked to the theatres in the first place. The creators of the series seem to have overlooked this quality while adapting it for the TV. I wonder if there will be another season for Sarah Connor unless they increase the potential of the heroes and villains in this post-Jack Bauer era.

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